Enrolling in Medicare After Age 65

If you wait to enroll in Part B of Medicare after age 65 because you or your spouse are working and have group health coverage through an employer, you can enroll during a Special Enrollment Period. The Special Election Period is an eight-month period that begins the month after the employer group health plan ends, or when the employment ends (whichever is first). Ask your employer to fill out a form from Social Security (CMS-L564) that shows you have had creditable health insurance coverage since turning 65, so you will not have to pay a late enrollment penalty for your Part B coverage. You will need to fill out form CMS 40B (Application for Enrollment in Medicare Part B).

To prevent any gaps in your coverage, you can have your Medicare coverage start as soon as your employer’s health coverage ends. There are three ways you can enroll in Medicare Part B.

  • Go to your local Social Security office
  • Call 1-800-772-1213 and enroll by phone
  • Enroll online at ssa.gov